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AIR 2.0
All in RPN: Small, Fast, Easy
Function sets for Russ Webb's most popular calculator
on US Robotics 'PalmPilot' Personal Digital Assistant

What can Air do for you?

With Air you can quickly:
  • Tap in time or amount values in a big-button numeric keypad.
  • Find out the local time in 12 cities of your choice.
  • Do cross currency exchanges among 12 currencies of your choice.
  • Make ongoing calculations with the result (e.g. quantity multiplication, tax percentage...).
  • Set timers to see elapsed time of your trip, or the turkey in the oven.
  • Check how many days are left until Christmas or a delivery deadline.
  • Have fun recording and playing back simple melodies.
  • Play a game of MasterMind bored in a waiting room.

  • Air Control Center
    Easy navigation among function sets

    WorldTime CurrencyEx Timers
    CountDown PianoKeyb MasterMind
    Why having all these functions as separate applications, eating up the precious memory of your Pilot. Put them all into the calculator, and your Pilot is going to have air to breathe again! Air comes with all these functions in 6kb!

    On the Pilot screen to the right you can see the Air Control Center, that lets you quickly navigate among the function sets. From each Air functions a tap on the @ sign brings you back to the Control Center (see below for the function sets).

    Air Function Sets
    Screenshots and feature descriptions

    World Time
  • Displays local time in 12 cities of your choice.
  • Automatic setting of DST.
  • When travelling, you set your location with GMT and DST.

    On the screen to the right you see the preset 12 cities, and local times in Budapest, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Sydney.

  • Currency Exchange
  • Cross conversion of 12 currencies of your choice
  • Rates are updated and saved
  • Ongoing caculations with the amount

    On the right you can see how the 12 currency rates fits in two screens. NOK 2800,- (the local price for a Pilot 5000 in Norway) is converted into USD, HUF, DEM, JPY, and FRF.

  • Timer Clocks
  • Two independent timers for elapsed minutes and seconds.
  • Timers don't stop by switching Pilot off.

    On the right you see a running timer value together with the last lap time.

  • Days Count Down
  • Two independent day counters.
  • Number of days left to or passed since given dates.

    On the right you see the number of days left until March 17, 2000.

  • Simple Piano Keyboard
  • All half notes of two octaves can be played.
  • Songs up to 25 notes can be composed.
  • Songs can be saved and played back.

    On the right you see the simple keyboard, and the value of the song buffer counter.

  • Master Mind Game
  • Calculator version of the popular mind game.
  • Convenient ways to input the guess numbers.
  • Informative and scrollable display helps minding.
  • Reveal function and saving of game progress.

    On the right you see a typical game of MasterMind, won in four guesses this time. This is indicated by last digits after the decimal delimiter (1..2..3..4). The first and second digits after the decimal delimiter are the scorings of the guesses (first is how many digits match digits in the hidden number, that are also placed at the matching position; second is the number of digits that match, but not placed on the right position, ... you know, as it should be in MasterMind). If your guesses scroll out at the top of the stack display (they often do), you can get them back with the 'up' and 'down' scrolling buttons.

  • Version History
    Current Version is 2.0, 11-May-1997

    Air 2.0 is finalized, modifications are possible on individual basis
  • 2.0 (11-May-1997) Air Control Center and MasterMind game added, code further optimized, minor improvements done on request. Air does not anymore replace your old RPN function sets.
  • 1.1 (9-May-1997) CountDown and documentation (faq) are added upon request, demo melody added, code is optimized, minor bug fixed.
  • 1.0 (7-May-1997) Initial version with WorldTime, CurrencyExchange, Timers, and PianoKeyboard.

  • Download
    Get some fresh air...

    Air 2.0 is a full working ShareWare with limited usage
  • Unregistered, fully functional shareware version.
  • airfaq.txt (12-May-1997) Frequently Asked Questions about Air 2.0.
  • Air20r Fully customizable version, for registered users.
  • Preview For non-registered users.

    Air is run by RPN, the most popular calculator available for your Pilot.
  • RPN 2.2 from Russ Webb.

  • Registration
    Choose your preferred registration method

    Registration entitles you to:
  • Unlimited usage
  • Full customization
  • On-line support
  • Currency rate updates by normal hotsync

  • US$ 15,-
    Second day, secure
    on-line registration via
    US$ 13,-
    Second day, secure
    on-line registration via
    US$ 5,-
    Six days postal mail
    registration to

    Feel free to contact the Air crew...

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    You are welcome to the Almanac for Piloteers as well, along with the widely referenced

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