Arlington Humane Society
Arlington Humane Society

7817 South Cooper Arlington, Texas 76001
Phone (817) 468-0444


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The Arlington, Texas Humane Society is a non-profit privately funded society chartered and operated for the purpose of helping animals through community education and awareness. We receive no tax money or other government funding, only individual donations. The Society supports municipal operated and funded animal control agencies and does not attempt to duplicate their mission, purpose, services, or legal responsibilities. All of the cities within the service area of the Society fund and operate animal control departments and shelters to care for, and when necessary, humanely destroy unwanted and stray animals.

The Arlington Humane Society is a non-killing Society and only accept adoptable pets that can, within a reasonable time period, be placed in proper homes. And only then, after all possible efforts has been made to help owners solve problems and keep their pets.

Toward this end the Arlington Humane Society operates;

- - - FREE OBEDIENCE TRAINING CLASSES - Over 90% of all the calls we receive from owners wanting to get rid of a pet are due to behavioral problems. The Society runs free weekly classes for owners and their dogs to learn how to solve behavioral problems. Training should start at 7 weeks of age.

Reality - No one wants your ill-mannered dog and there are no "homes in the country". Be a reasonible pet owner. Train your dog.

- - - LOW-COST SPAY / NEUTER PROGRAMS - Spayed / neutered pets make better pets, are easier to train, usually don't wander away from home, and have fewer medical problems.

Reality - We are killing over 17 million dogs and cats every year because there are no homes for them. Be a responsible pet owner. Have your pet spayed / neutered.
Check here for pricing

- - - COMPUTERIZED LOST & FOUND DOG SYSTEM - If you lose or find a dog in Arlington, Mansfield or Grand Prairie call us. We will help you get the dog back home.

Reality - Dogs that are spayed / neutered and well-trained rarely get lost.

- - - LOW-COST VACCINATION PROGRAMS - The Society sponsors two los-cost clinics every week at the Dog Wash Store, 5725 SW Green Oaks Blvd. (817) 561-1801. Dogs need vaccinations every year.

Reality - Save 50% or more on vaccinations, worming and Heart worm tests. There is no reason not to have your pet's vaccinations current.

- - - COMMUNITY EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS - Every year the Society puts on programs conceerning responsible pet ownership for many schools, churches, and other groups. If your are a member of a group, give us a call. We will be happy to have one of our volunteers meet with your group.

Reality - Community education and awareness is the only way to solve the pet over population problem.

- - - ADOPTIONS - The Society only has healthy, spayed / neutered and well behaved pets for adoption. Everyone adopting a dog from the Arlington Humane Society must attend a 4 - week training program with their new pet. The total adoption fee for any pet is $45.

Reality - Adopting a pet is a serious undertaking and should only be done after much thought and serious consideration of all the factors involved in being a responsible pet owner. Owning a pet is a privilege, not a right. This is why the Society does not hold adoptions in pet stores or malls, where spur of the moment impulse and emotion prevail. We also do not adopt pets at Christmas for the same reasons. Gift certificates are available from the Society.

If, after reading the above, you agree with our mission, purpose and objectives, then we ask for your support. We do not advocate radical or emotional approaches to solving the animal over population problem. We are teaching "Responsible Pet Ownership". You won't see the Arlington Humane Society on the 6 o'clock news or the front page of the newspaper, because we operate in a very low key, sane, rational and logical manor. This doesn't make good copy. Unlike some animal rights groups that stress the negatives, we like to accentuate the positives. We would rather sit down with someone and help educate them to be a "Responsible Pet Owner", than call the TV news and confront them with a camera. We don't go on television every time we help an animal; we help animals and pet owners every day. We do, in dire situations where serious animal cruelty is involved, and education won't work cooperate fully with state and federal government agencies to alleviate suffering. However, again you won't see it on the 6 o'clock news. Too many organizations have and are exploiting animals purely for the sake of raising money. The money is spent on big staff salaries and lavish offices. Very little of their donated money ever goes to help animals.

The Arlington Humane Society is a totally volunteer organization; we pay no salaries and operate out of donated space. All of the donations we receive go to help animals. We need to expand our Community Educational Programs, but this costs money. We need to increase community awareness of our programs, but again this costs money for publicity because again, our logical and rational approach doesn't get free publicity. We would like to expand our adoption program, but again, it costs money to properly feed, house and care for animals.

You can help by mailing a check to the Arlington Humane Society at 7817 South Cooper Street, Arlington, Texas 76001. We also need volunteers, If you have some free time you would like to spend on some worth while projects, give us a call at (817) 468-0444. We won't get you famous, but you will feel good by helping animals who can't help themselves.

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