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    Hey guys and girls, welcome to my  home page!!  Well, this home page is strictly made to show my appreciation to all my friends in school and out of school  who always stood there for me when I needed them.  Let me first briefly tell you about my definition of "Friends"... Friends are those people that you can put all your trust into, those whom you can count on when you're depressed and in need, those who are willing to help no matter what, those who ask about you and not your money, etc., those who are willing to be with you for you, and those who know the meaning of life... and of course other minor things.  Anyway, enough about moi, let me tell you about my sweet and loving friends.
    Fatma:  Fatma is one of my best friends in this world... She's always been there for me.  I know Fatma that I don't really show it but I really really like you and you're the best person in this world.  Remember when you helped me through tough times last year, this year, and I hope you'll do so always!  You're the sweetest girl too and very tough and beautiful.  Insha-Alla you don't change, I love you the way you are and I know everyone does so too.
 Bashayer*:  B.B. is another good friend.  Although I tease you A LOT but I'm sorry I can't help myself, I don't know why I am always forced into teasing you.  B.B., you're great and you've got a very nice personality.  You too have helped me by giving me advice.  Thanks!
 Elham:  You're great Elham!!  I know you've been going through a tough time not so long ago but keep it up girl you're doing good.  Elham you're one of my best friends too and thanks for being there for me and I hope I'm helping you with my crappy advice.  Anyway, you're so funny Baswa and very cool and cute.  Being a Gemini is great too isn't it?  It's weird how we both have so many things in common and do so many stuff at the same time!  I really wish you luck in your life and hopefully we'll keep in touch forever.
 Nadia:  A cool young lady with lots of hopes.  Nadia you're gorgeous, you know what you want to do in life but you're always giving up hope.  Don't!  Well, I would like to thank you for being there constantly for me and making me feel good whenever I'm not.  By the way, love is a good thing, don't you dare lose your faith in love!
    May:  Pretty woman, walking down the street :).  May you rock hon'.  You're the best May, thanks for standing by my side.  I know sometimes we get into arguments and fights but believe me I always regret it.  Please keep us updated with Lebanon and thanks a lot for making me really believe in myself and forget about the rest.  Love you;)

 Dana*:  Dana, I know we're not even close friends, but I owe you.  You're one cool girl who's seraphic.  You've got one benevolent heart.  I thank you for always being there for me and trying to fix things up with me :)

 Nasser*:  Spread your wings and prepare to fly...  Nasser you're kind, gentle, and cool!  We all know that you're new to our class and you hate it, but bare with us please we all love you man.  You're a great guy although I also don't know you very well, but thanks for asking about me always.

       Hanouf:  Hanouf you're the best lady in Kuwait and in the whole wide world!  I know you're my IRC mom and all, but I still love you as a friend and as a son hehe :))  Thanks for always trying to help me and getting me through the task of learning about HTML and stuff, you're such a great teacher mommy! :)  We have known each other for about three years now and I hope our relationship lasts forever... I love you ;*

     Shahad: Shahdoo you're my whole life !!! We have been engaged for 2 years now and we knew each other for three lovely years, why won't you marry me?!?!?! :)  I can't wait any more ya ba3laty (my wife).  We had great times on IRC with Hanoufa, remember them? :) Remember eating 7abb and u give me a kiss with sa3abil (saliva) ? :P Hehe you're one of my best friends my love, please don't ever get mad at me you know how stupid I am ;).  Love you till eternity!!

        Eyad: One of my bestest best friends... You're always there for me when I need you... You're really a true friend, unlike some people I know in my class (naqza) :)... Anyway, Eyad, you're great... Very cool and nice and kind, I hope we stay friends forever and ever... I've known you for two years now and so far we didn't have even one fight, now that's what I call a mature friendship!:) El-mohim, sorry I didn't put your name sooner... Love you always!!  Thanx buddy for everything!!

        Shaheen:  The only good friend in school (from the guys)... The only none-masla7chi, none-7ishing, none-betraying friend in my grade!  Smichoo I've known you for, like, umm, what, 6 years or something?  Whatever!  You're great and friendly and keep updating me with new news about the life and all that crap...  Where shall we go out today in this boring country? :)



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Here's a picture of Nasser (Top - Left), Nadia (Bottom - Left), Elham (Bottom - Right), Fatma (Top - Middle),  Bashayer (Top - Right), Dana (Sleeping on the desk - As usual) :

I'm sorry if you hate the picture you guys but I told you to get me a picture sooner or else... :)
More Pictures are Coming Up!!
Here's a poem dedicated to you guys:
                  Right here
                          Friends come and go
                       But friends like you are rare
                           Because I know
                       That even if we're far apart
                         The memories of you
                        Will stay here in my heart
                                  - Kristine


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