This site is under construction:the Photogallery is ready but the rest is a little up in the air. The thing is that as I'm putting stuff in,I get new ideas:so take a quick look around, make a bookmark,enjoy your holidays and come back in 97! See ya

A very warm welcome and blessings to all of you "Soul-surfers".
May the human race evolve into a divine one, may we build a better world for our children. It is only up to us.In this site you'll find a PHOTOGALLERY where I put some photography of mine. At the moment there are two bodies of work:PORTRAITS and REPORTAGE,but I'll probabely keep moving things around,so STICK AROUND!

Richard Avedon


The other mayor part of the site focuses on the SPIRIT,and particularely on Yoga.There you'll find the following "gems":SIDDHA YOGA,SANSKRIT GLOSSARY,CHAKRAS,
SPIRITUAL PHOTOGALLERY,VEDIC PANTHEON,QUOTES,ecc. The page LINKS is pretty vast and is going tokeep growing,hopefully increasing the quality and decreasing the quantity. The links cover a pretty wide range of topics:fromYOGA,TANTRA and SPIRITUALLY RELATED SITES to CYBERCULTURE,from MOVIES to MUSIC including some(I think)great resources about AMBIENT,ETNIC,DUB and ELECTRONIC MUSIC so breathe in,empty your mind and get ready to expand your horizons. Hoping these links are going be useful I wish you a safe astral journey.

May Divine Grace always fill your heart. I put also some "goodies": lists of
RECOMMENDED CD'S, PHOTOGRAPHIC BOOKS and MOVIES, and soon I will put a page about the funniest and wiredest news that appear on the medias.
Don't forget to sign the guestbook before you leave,your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.See ya

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